We, at HUS, are accountable for our actions above all to our patients but also to our employees and owners, and more broadly to society at large.

Our corporate responsibility program for 2021–2022 is divided into three goal areas: social, financial and environmental responsibility. The program covers all key HUS stakeholders: patients, employees and owner municipalities. 

The objectives in the program are addressed with concrete projects and measures for promoting responsibility. The initial objectives in the corporate responsibility program have been moderate. This has paved the way to success in addressing more demanding objectives going forward.

Our key responsibility objectives for 2021 were: increasing procurement expertise; improving the customer experience and supervisor work; improving eConsultations; and reducing food waste. Each of our responsibility indicators and how well the objectives have been attained are reported in detail under their respective areas of responsibility.

In addition to the objectives in the corporate responsibility program, HUS Logistics publishes an annual corporate responsibility report of its own compliant with the GRI standard.