Corporate financial responsibility at HUS Logistics and HUS Procurement means attaining financial goals so as to be able to generate added value for customers and member municipalities in the long term.

Services are produced for customers cost-effectively. In procurement, competitive tendering is employed to achieve substantial cost savings. Also, nursing supplies procurements are managed so as to ensure a uniform range of supplies throughout the treatment path of any given patient.

The Joint Authority HUS consists of five hospital areas: the Helsinki University Hospital Area and the Hyvinkää, Lohja, Porvoo and Länsi-Uusimaa Hospital Areas. The income of the Joint Authority HUS consists of service fees paid by member municipalities and other Joint Authority revenue. The service fees are determined according to the actual use of services by member municipalities.

HUS Logistics and HUS Procurement form part of the Joint Authority HUS. HUS Logistics and HUS Procurement comply with the financial directives of the Joint Authority HUS. The Joint Authority HUS sets financial and operational goals for HUS Logistics and HUS Procurement on an annual basis.

Income statement

HUS Logistics
Income statement, EUR 1000 FS 2021 Budget proposal 2022
Operating revenue, total 329,360 308,972
Sales income 325,133 308,972
Payments income 0 0
Subsidies and grants 4,064 0
Other operating revenue 163 0
Operating costs, total 328,843 308,408
Personnel expenses 22,216 24,007
Purchase of services 27,716 29,338
Materials, supplies and consumables 276,640 252,689
Subsidies 0 0
Other operating costs 2,271 2,383
Operating margin 517 555
Financing income and expenses total -1 0
Annual margin 515 555
Depreciation and reductions in value 445 485
Extraordinary items 0 0
Financial performance 70 70