Our principal themes in responsibility are responsible practices, ethical procurement and feelgood actions for the entire personnel.

By decision of the Executive Group, a sustainability group was set up at HUS Logistics in February 2018 to promote implementing corporate responsibility themes into practice across the board. The group is based on the earlier environmental responsibility group model, which is applied everywhere at HUS.

The sustainability group includes experts from the various areas of HUS Logistics and procurements. In 2021, the chairman of the group was the procurement project manager, while the other members came from logistics, materials management, medical engineering, customer services and procurement.

The purpose of the sustainability group is to design the annual action plans and to submit them for approval to the HUS Logistics Executive Group, which is chaired by the Director of Logistics.

Our responsibility program is based on the policies in the HUS procurement strategy and the HUS environmental program. The sustainability group has identified key matters for further development relevant for the sphere of operations of HUS Logistics: reducing the volume of waste; recycling and reuse; minimizing emissions from transport; and applying environmental and social responsibility more prominently in invitations to tender and procurement contracts.