In 2021, we continued with our long-term program to renovate our hospital buildings and to build new ones.

Repairing and renovating old buildings brings them up to date with modern demanding specialist medical care standards while extending their life span. New construction responds to the needs created by our expanding operations and the increasing amount of technology used.

However, we have been obliged to review our investment plans for the near future in view of the health and social services reform calling for a critical reappraisal and possibly prioritization. However, construction projects that are vital for the HUS strategy and continuity of operations will go ahead.

Several active construction sites

During the year under review, there were about 20 construction projects with a value of more than EUR 1 million in progress under the HUS investment program, with active construction sites in our hospital areas. Of these, seven were major projects worth more than EUR 10 million each.

The major construction projects completed during the year under review were: the renovation of the south end of the Park Hospital, where the premises of the former Children’s Hospital were refurbished for adult surgery; and construction of inpatient wards for gynecology and obstetrics in the C wing of the Women’s Hospital. Construction began on the new construction site of the Oak Hospital, which will focus on ophthalmology, and on the renovation of the A block at Hyvinkää Hospital, which includes refurbishment of surgery wards. Two further investments were at the implementation planning stage, and construction will begin in 2022.

Implementation planning was also launched in the Laakso Joint Hospital project with the City of Helsinki. This, however, is not included in the HUS investment program; it will be financed through a new real estate company.

In addition to our large construction projects, we invest in hundreds of minor repairs every year.

New construction projects in progress in 2021

  • Bridge Hospital 2018–2022
  • Oak Hospital 2021–2024
  • Implementation planning phase: Jorvi Hospital inpatient ward building and Laakso Joint Hospital

Renovation projects in progress in 2021

  • Women’s Hospital C wing 2019–2021
  • Park Hospital south end 2019–2021
  • Jorvi Hospital main operating rooms and facilities below them 2019–2023
  • Department of Oncology low building 2020–2022
  • Hyvinkää Hospital A block 2020–2023
  • Implementation planning phase: Women’s Hospital A wing