We work in close cooperation with the University of Helsinki. To underline this close bond, we introduced a common emblem at the beginning of 2021, to be used in research and other projects and on training materials of HUS and the University of Helsinki.

Our cooperation with the University of Helsinki has a long history going back to the early 19th century. The core of the cooperation linking the university with the university hospital is of course medicine, but today we work together in numerous other fields too. As an example, we recently launched a Master’s degree program in Social and Health Care Development and Management.

With the common emblem we remind the public of our close cooperation, which is significant for the society, but self-evident for employees of both HUS and the university. 

At the university hospital, research is part of the care provided: we are constantly evaluating and improving our care based on evidence derived from scientific research. The university and the university hospital uphold and improve the quality and effectiveness of medical care through specialist expertise and development efforts.

We train the top professionals of the future, together

HUS and the University of Helsinki constitute the most highly specialized unit of medical science in Finland with the broadest variety of education.

Our cooperation is geared towards improving treatment of diseases, producing information needed for instance for creating vaccines, and seeking ways to promote the overall wellbeing of individuals. 

The Annual Report’s section Research and education contains more information on the number and content of our research and education projects.