We got properly under way with implementing our strategy in 2021, as strategic targets were translated into concrete action in projects.

The year under review was the second year of putting our four year strategy into practice. In the first year, 2020, we focused on our values and on ensuring that every HUS employee recognizes how these values pertain to their work. The principal goal for 2021 was to translate the goals into practical action through projects. We succeeded well in this. 

In 2021, we delivered on our strategy through three project packages: Digital Transition, the Geriatric Project and HUS – Cutting Edge Research Partner. Each project package consisted of projects implemented in our units. There were 14 projects in all.

“The projects went well, and even if not all goals were attained, we are going in the right direction. We have been able to do things that will genuinely benefit the various divisions,” says Development Director Visa Honkanen.

To ensure project success, we set up a project management support team at the development unit to monitor and assist with project progress. This was a crucial move, as it allowed project teams to focus on the actual task at hand.

Although the 2021 projects concluded at the end of the year, we are continuing to work on the same themes in 2022. 

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