Our strategic objectives and indicators and our chosen strategic projects for 2022 are:

We have sufficient skilled staff
  • Enabling good leadership
  • Improving the potential for university research
  • Improving the incentive system and division of duties
Change in exit turnover of employees leaving after less than one year (excluding retirement)
  • Ensuring prerequisites for leadership and supervisor work (Joint Authority Administration, HR)
  • Establishing Apotti expert (AA) / Physician builder (PB) functions in three divisions
  • Apotti 2.0 – specializing physicians (Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation)
Measuring treatment outcomes and improving our operations on the basis of those findings and feedback received
  • Continuous analysis of the strategic indicator of patient perceived treatment effectiveness (15d) in relation to operational indicators (finances, client satisfaction)
100,000 patients to fill in the 15D questionnaire in Maisa
  • Patient experience and functional capacity indicator in evaluating quality of care (Neurocenter)
  • PROMs in atrial fibrillation patients; improving the client experience with the atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea paths (Heart and Lung Center)
  • Analyzing critical open-text feedback using AI (Children and Adolescents)
  • Digital pathway to the top (Head and Neck Center)
  • Using emergency examinations in imaging (Diagnostic Center)
We are improving overall productivity in collaboration with our health and social services partners by employing integrated processes and care chains
  • Improving the overall throughput time of patient care (between primary health care and specialist medical care) and improving effectiveness and productivity with local authorities / wellbeing services counties
Overall cost and effectiveness indicators developed with local authorities and the forthcoming wellbeing services counties for a patient group with sufficient coverage
  • Porvoo Mobile Hospital LiiSa (Porvoo)
  • Regional avdelningsverksamhet [Regional ward activities] (Raseborg)
  • Improving palliative care consultations in the Helsinki University Hospital area (Cancer Center)
  • Improving the care process for hip fracture patients (Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal and Plastic Surgery)
  • Psychosis care chain (Psychiatry)
  • Client-oriented day hospital services – service formulation for access to treatment by patients requiring observation and monitoring (Inflammation Center)
  • Expanding the multiservice concept (Asvia)
  • Improving competitive tendering expertise (Joint Authority Administration, Procurement)
We produce streamlined digital services and effective tools for both clients and employees
  • Maisa, the e-transactions portal, is used comprehensively
  • Electronic document management will be introduced across all of HUS
The digitalization indicators from 2021 will be retained:

  • Adoption of Maisa 70+% of patients
  • eConsultations 20+% of all visits
  • ATEK digitalization leap 2: improved followup monitoring (Perioperative, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine)
  • Leveraging remote consultations to manage patient flow at joint emergency departments (Emergency Medicine and Services)
  • Maisa, medical history details and booking for outpatient clinics (Gynecology and Obstetrics)
  • Developing multichannel digital client services