In 2021, we had five strategic goals pursued through three project packages.

The strategic goals were attained as follows:

Goal Indicator and target level Attainment
We care for patients efficiently on the mobile, remote and digital pathways. Maisa adoption rate 70+ % 56 % Not attained
Percentage of patients treated on digital care pathways 20+% 17 % Not attained
Percentage of online services (eConsultations) 15+% 20 % Attained
We ensure high-quality management and continuity of competence. More than 90% of employees are satisfied with their supervisor and the management of their workplace unit. 73 % Not attained
We measure and improve the client experience based on feedback throughout HUS. Net Promoter Score (NPS) at appointments 70+% 75 % Attained
Net Promote Score (NPS) in emergency services 50+% 46 % Not attained
We care for clients consistently and along integrated pathways, collaborating with primary health care. Geriatric Project proceeds as agreed Attained
Change in number of therapy patients treated on integrated care pathways 20+% 26 % Attained
We comprehensively monitor the deployment and impact of the productivity program. Cost per patient treated in all service production, change less than -1 % 0,8 % Not attained

Our strategic project packages were: 

  • Digital Transition
  • HUS – Cutting Edge Research Partner
  • Geriatrics Project

Digital Transition

The purpose of the Digital Transition project was to better establish usage of our online patient services, Maisa and My Path, and usage of the My Path app and eConsultations, to boost efficiency and to devise scalable models for deployment.

There were eight departments and one hospital area participating in the project: Perioperative, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine; the Neurocenter; Psychiatry; the Head and Neck Center; the Heart and Lung Center; Musculoskeletal and Plastic Surgery; the Inflammation Center; the Abdominal Center; and the Hyvinkää hospital area.

Geriatrics Project

Three departments were involved in the Geriatric Project: Emergency Medicine and Services; Psychiatry; and Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation. There were four projects in total. The goal was to improve integration with primary health care and to provide better services for elderly patients with multiple diseases.

HUS – Cutting Edge Research Partner

HUS – Cutting Edge Research Partner was a development project run by the Clinical Trial Unit of the Cancer Center. The purpose of the ‘Trialit lentoon’ [Trials takeoff] was to grow the volume and improve the quality of the unit’s operations and to evolve into an internationally valued and desirable partner engaging in demanding clinical pharmaceutical trials.​