Last year, we received nearly half a million customer feedback messages. Our patients were satisfied with the care they were given.

In 2021, we received a grand total of 426,932 customer feedback messages. Our goal for our clinics was to attain a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or recommendation index of 70, and we exceeded this with a wide margin despite the coronavirus pandemic. Our NPS for the entire year was 75.

At emergency clinics and in psychiatry, our NPS goal is 50. Here, we fell slightly short of the goal, as our NPS for emergency clinics and in psychiatry was 46 at the end of the year. We redefined our psychiatry goal in the middle of the year, because in Psychiatry the original NPS goal of 70 proved too difficult to attain.

The NPS based on customer feedback is an important strategic indicator for us, and we intend to publish these figures on our website on a monthly basis.

The overwhelming majority of feedback, more than 90%, is submitted by text message. We have AI screening the written feedback to identify development points.

“Our customers commend us for our brilliant solution-oriented expertise and care. There are still challenges with keeping to timetables,” says Chief Nursing Executive Marja Renholm.

This work is steered by an active customer feedback development and monitoring group, with customer feedback coordinators from all our units represented.

“Awareness of customer satisfaction and of development points arising from customer feedback has significantly improved all across HUS. Customer feedback governs activities of our group,” says Development Manager Katriina Mikkonen.

Based on your most recent visit, how likely are you to recommend our hospital or unit to your family or friends if they needed similar treatment or examinations? (0 = very unlikely and 10 = very likely). 379 105 responses. Clinics, emergency clinics and psychiatric units included..