HUS Annual Report of Nursing 2021 (PDF)

Nursing with heart – revised professional operating model for nursing

In the professional operating model for nursing, we described the practical work of nurses, including how they collaborate and improve themselves professionally in order to provide the best possible care for patients and their family members. 

We have updated the professional operating model for nursing in line with the HUS strategy. It highlights the views of the nursing staff themselves concerning the work they do; genuinely caring, professional skills, independent decision-making, cooperation and ethics were considered particularly important.

Research-based evidence in health science for the benefit of patients

The HUS Nursing Research Center strengthened the research expertise of our nursing staff. 

Through our activities, we aim to increase the use of research data in clinical nursing and specialist medical care processes. Because there is currently no university in the HUS area with a degree program in health sciences, our nursing employees conducted research at various educational institutions. At NRC, we coordinate the nursing and health science research conducted by various universities and universities of applied sciences in HUS.

Development projects to improve wellbeing at work for nursing staff

We set up wellbeing at work teams at some units to discuss how to improve wellbeing at work within the unit.

The purpose of the Children and Adolescents development project was to improve wellbeing at work for nursing staff and supervisors by offering easily accessible support services such as work counselling and coaching. 

At the maternity ward at the Women’s Hospital, we used a comprehensive wellbeing at work model as the theoretical framework. This enabled us to identify factors contributing to wellbeing at work, how wellbeing at work manifests itself and what its impacts are.

Professional identity, the work itself and the possibility to improve oneself at work are the principal empowerment resources for our nursing staff. Support of the workplace community and good work shift planning are also important.

HUS Annual Report of Nursing 2021 (PDF)