During the autumn, we updated the procedural guideline for the basics of codetermination and the handling of codetermination matters.

The purpose of codetermination is to provide personnel with the opportunity to participate in operational development at HUS and to influence the content of their work, their workplace environment and the preparation of decisions impacting their job duties and workplace community, while improving the effectiveness of our service production and the quality of working life for our personnel.

The basics of codetermination and the handling of codetermination matters are described in a separate procedural guideline. A working group of employer and employee representatives updated this guideline in September 2021. The working group members included the coordinating chief shop stewards, the coordinating health and safety representative and experts in OSH, codetermination and HR management. The guideline was also discussed by the Personnel Commission. 

The main changes made to the updated codetermination procedural guideline were:

  • We added to the guideline the right of initiative for personnel representatives to initiate codetermination proceedings.
  • We described in the guideline the responsibility of supervisors as representatives of the employer for implementing codetermination in their respective domains.
  • We added changes to the form of working hours to the list of matters to be dealt with at codetermination meetings.
  • It is recommended that personnel representatives attending a representative codetermination meeting be given the opportunity to study and prepare the matters to be dealt with, during working hours and in cooperation with other personnel representatives, before the meeting.