We introduced sports and cultural benefits for our staff and paid various compensations for work-related changes.

In 2021, we introduced sports and cultural benefits as a new employee benefit. The value of this benefit to support the wellbeing of personnel was EUR 200 per employee. When the 2022 budget was adopted, the value of the sports and cultural benefit was increased from EUR 200 to EUR 400 per person. 

Compensation adapted to the situation at hand

In the spring and again towards the end of the year, we were obliged to undertake operational rearrangements due to the coronavirus pandemic. We paid compensation to employees for changes to their work.

To facilitate the operational rearrangements necessary because of increasing patient numbers, we introduced a fixed-term individual salary supplement of EUR 250 and a discretionary personal supplement.  The individual salary supplement may be applied in respect of employees whose job duties temporarily became more demanding due to personnel transfers made because of an increase in patient numbers. Discretionary personal supplements may be applied on a flexibility basis in respect of employees who transferred to another unit as requested due to a need demonstrated by the employer.

We also increased the emergency work compensation on a fixed-term basis to ensure availability of personnel. The emergency work compensation applies in a situation where the employer calls in an employee who is off duty or where an employee has to take a second shift after the end of the regular shift at the employer’s request. Additionally, we added a fixed-term increase to the compensation for working an extra shift and extended the duration of one-off compensation payable for employees postponing their annual holiday.