We phased in an ‘employer promise’ in our recruitment communications: At HUS, you have the job of your life. Many of our units paid special attention to job ads.

A high-quality recruitment process and communication provides an excellent candidate experience that has a major impact on our employer image. 

In 2021, many units paid special attention to the job ads they publish. They have tried to describe as genuinely as possible what it is like to be working at HUS, what the job duties involve and what added value we have to offer to the employee. We have received open feedback from applicants during the interviews that the message and image conveyed by the job advertisement have motivated them to apply. 

During 2021, we continued to create employee stories. These stories showcase everyday work at HUS and tell prospective applicants what great professionals there are to work with here. We also increased recruitment communications and marketing measures to improve the visibility and targeting of vacancies. 

We introduced an ‘employer promise’ in communications

To enhance our employer image, we formulated an ‘employer promise’ with Duunitori in 2020. We phased in the employer promise communications concept in our recruitment communications during 2021, in tandem with the start of updating the HUS brand. We wanted to make sure that after the upgrade, the HUS brand and employer promise would convey a unified message about us.  

The goal is to build a seamless chain from recruitment to the start and delivery of orientation for new employees. This chain leads from an excellent applicant experience to a good employee experience while gaining the employee’s commitment. We also introduced a new recruitment system. With the new system, we will be able to automate the recruitment process for new employees, improve usability and make it easier to submit the application itself. 

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