The perceived usefulness of development discussions improved. We organized training in new ways and reached new target groups.

The annual competence development plan ensures systematic improvement of personnel competence. Development plans are given tangible shape in development discussions with teams and with individuals.

In 2021, 72% found development discussions to be useful for improvement at work.

In 2021, 62% of all HUS employees had had a development discussion with their supervisor over the past 12 months. These discussions were found to be useful for the employee’s own work and how to improve in it by 72% of respondents. Both of the above figures showed an increase on the previous year.

During 2021, we revised the Harppi development discussion system and improved its content and usability. The revised system will be introduced in the development discussions in 2022.

Employee experiences of whether they had the sufficient skills and knowledge to perform their job duties were at nearly the same level as in the 2020 personnel survey (4.24 on a scale of 1 to 5).

Electronic platforms for training

In 2021, every HUS employee attended an average of 2.2 days of supplementary training, compared with 2.1 days in 2020.

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, we arranged a significant percentage of all training as online and remote sessions, using Teams and similar electronic platforms. Through these training sessions, we reached new target groups, which was reflected in the increased number of participants in language training, for instance.