The personnel survey showed positive developments in most areas.

Leadership has widespread impacts in the organization. Good leadership affects things like operational quality, wellbeing at work and the attractiveness of the workplace. At HUS, one of the strategic goals for 2021 was high-quality leadership. The goal was for personnel satisfaction to the leadership of their supervisor and the management of their workplace unit to reach 90%.

To measure this, we deployed the new Leadership Pulse survey, which is conducted four times a year. This survey includes half a dozen questions for evaluating satisfaction with and experiences of leadership. On the most recent round of Leadership Pulse, 73% of all employees were satisfied with leadership. There was a slight improvement in satisfaction across all survey rounds in the year under review. For 37% of all supervisors, employee satisfaction with their leadership was more than 90%. 

Supervisor work improved

 The results of the 2021 personnel survey showed positive developments in most of the areas polled. There was particular improvement in the supervisor index, which reflects employees’ experience of their immediate supervisors. For example, the number units where the supervisor index was less than 3.0 (on a scale of 1 to 5) went down by half, from 60 units in the previous year to 30. 

For 37% of all supervisors, employee satisfaction with their leadership was more than 90%.

In addition to the personnel survey and Leadership Pulse, we gain data to support development of leadership and of the workplace community through the annual HUS Risks update. Unit-specific evaluation tools included the Fiilismittari indicator and 360 leadership evaluation. One of the persistent focus areas in competence improvement is improving training for supervisor work and leadership and developing other forms of support. A new training package for people recently appointed to a supervisor post will be launched in spring 2022. 

During 2021, we held several leadership events for all supervisors. These included discussions on topics such as leadership of remote and multilocation jobs, coaching leadership and the strategic goals of HUS for 2022. 

Supervisor briefings held by HR partners in their respective areas were established as a regular occurrence and were very positively received as a means for communicating current information.