The orientation package model supports design and delivery of orientation. We adapted the general orientation course, given to all employees, into an online course.

Orientation is given daily at HUS. Good orientation supports successful recruitment, builds a good employee experience and helps new employees commit to their job and to the organization. In 2020, we ran the ‘High-quality induction process’ project, the purpose of which was to design a unified, systematic orientation package. We completed the orientation package model in support of design and delivery of orientation in spring 2021. 

The orientation model provides a framework and helps understand the big picture in the orientation process. We also produced orientation content and tools for supervisors and orientation instructors. The orientation package begins with the new online course ‘Welcome to HUS’. This welcomes new employees and introduces them to the HUS organization before they even start their first day on the job.

General orientation given to everyone

The findings of the ‘High-quality Induction Process’ project highlighted the need for a general orientation course for all new employees, providing them with basic information. We produced an online general orientation course that can be taken anywhere and at any time. The general orientation is intended for all HUS employees. 

The online general orientation course advises employees at the very beginning of their employment relationship and is one of the tools available for supervisors and orientation instructors. After this course, orientation continues with training specific for particular occupational groups and/or units.

The general orientation online course covers employment relationship topics and themes of wellbeing at work, occupational safety and health, professional improvement and communications. The course is divided into three modules: the first is to be completed during the first week of employment, the second during the first month and the third during the second month. New employees are also invited to give feedback on their experience on joining HUS as a new employee. 

We also updated the orientation pages in the Intranet, providing a summary of information for both the new employees and instructors. The website also contains information on other orientation paths and materials. 

Shared forum for orientation

We needed a shared forum to support high-quality orientation, and thus we set up a shared orientation steering group in the autumn. This group brings together information on all orientation improvement taking place at HUS, including best practices and orientation needs. The purpose of the steering group is to coordinate orientation throughout the HUS area, taking into account all occupational groups and units. 

We invited representatives from personnel, each profit area, department and hospital area to the group. The goal is that high-quality orientation will allow us to compete for the best employees and to get them to commit to the organization, now and in the future.