The regional recruitment pilot project revealed new, feasible practices for improving recruitment. We aim to reach an increasing number of potential applicants with our recruitment publicity.

One of the strategic projects we implemented in 2020 was the ‘High-quality recruitment process’ project, which modelled the HUS recruitment process and created a template for regional recruiters. The project group consisted of representatives of various profit areas and departments. 

During 2021, we began piloting the model with the appointment of a regional recruiter at Porvoo Hospital. In the new operating model, the recruiter is a centralized support person for supervisors and an active player in recruitments in the profit area or department. 

The purpose of this operating model is an improved response to challenges in the recruitment market, such as the availability of competent applicants, and ensuring an excellent applicant experience. The purpose of the pilot is to highlight best practices in the new model so that they can be leveraged at other units. The experiment has already had a positive impact on the applicant experience, the recruitment process has become more consistent, and supervisors now have more time for their other duties. 

Successful recruitment process affects employer image

Competition for nursing professionals is fierce nationwide. Attractiveness factors at HUS include specialist medical care and meaningful work at Finland’s largest university hospital. 

We advertised a total of 3,359 jobs in 2021, which is 14% more than in the previous year. We had more than 27,000 job applicants, 23% fewer than in 2020, which reflects the meager availability of competent professionals. 

In order to reach applicants, we invested more in recruitment marketing in respect of job ads published, including enhanced visibility and improved targeting of ads to the appropriate target group. 

A successful recruitment process has a positive impact on the applicant path, the employer image and thus the availability of competent applicants.  

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