The purpose of our strategic goal ‘We have sufficient skilled personnel’ is to improve employee availability and commitment.

Personnel turnover has increased in specialist medical care and also more generally in health and social services as well as in other sectors. The shortage of health and social services professionals is one of the biggest challenges facing Finnish society. There are several factors explaining the labor shortage and the exit turnover. While jobs in health and social services are seen as meaningful, the workload in nursing, for instance, has been constantly increasing.

Personnel availability issues have come to a head particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. The health and social services sector does not have a labor reserve for recruiting new employees for increasing present or future needs.

One of our strategic objectives for 2022 is “We have sufficient skilled personnel.” We are monitoring attainment of this goal with strategic and operational indicators. 

The strategic indicators are: 

  • Exit turnover, excluding retirement 
  • Employees resigning from a permanent employment relationship after less than one year

The operational indicators are:

  • Satisfaction with leadership 
  • Number of applications for open positions 
  • Meaningfulness of work 

Successful leadership can lead to improved results in employee availability and commitment. Accordingly, one of the strategic projects at the HUS level is ‘Ensuring potential for leadership and supervisor work’. This project involves examining inter alia the entities being managed, the various supervisor roles, job duties, authorities and descriptions of the structures that facilitate good leadership and measures to be taken to achieve good results in this. Based on the above, we will launch pilots and enable participation for employees in the planning of their work and of the activities of their unit. The goal is to facilitate good everyday leadership for teams and for individual employees.