Together with the University of Helsinki, we form the most highly specialized cluster of medical and health sciences research and education in Finland. We have the broadest offering in education and conduct leading research on health.

We have more than 2,000 research projects going on at any given time, with impacts at the societal and individual level, nationally and internationally. 

Each year, we supervise internships of more than 800 undergraduates at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki. 

We provide training for 50 specialties in medicine and five specialties in dentistry. Our hospitals employ about 1,500 specializing physicians and about 50 specializing dentists. We also have the most comprehensive continuing education and training opportunities for specialist physicians in Finland: about 50 programs securing the specialist expertise required at a university hospital.

In 2021, 124 doctors graduated from the Faculty of Medicine

  • 66 in medicine,
  • 10 in dentistry,
  • 42 in philosophy,
  • 6 in psychology, and
  • 4 in nursing and health science (University of Turku and University of Eastern Finland).

In 2021, we granted: 

  • 737 new research permits,
  • 186 degree thesis research permits,
  • 5 data access permits for researchers and organizations outside HUS, and
  • 1 data access permit for organization-level teaching.