During the year under review, we improved and extended our Research Services, for instance by adding training and by improving the online services related to HUS research used by scientists.

In Research Services, we prepared for major changes forthcoming in 2022: a reform of the ethics committee, centralization of research permit services and the transfer of research nurses from the Clinical Research Institute HUCH to HUS. 

More training, research counselling and new services

We invested in expanding the range of services available to scientists for instance by drawing up a guideline and by providing support for reporting in the ClinicalTrials.gov database, by organizing researcher training in various subjects and by holding a clinical research forum. Online recordings of all training sessions are freely available to researchers.

We have improved the guidelines for researchers compiled on the HUS website so that information is easy to find. We also created an FAQ to address the most common issues faced by researchers. If an answer cannot be found there, researchers have learned by now to submit their queries to us by e-mail at tutkimuspalvelut@hus.fi. We have visited units’ weekly meetings to tell people about research services and our centralized advisory service available by e-mail. 

We also created an assistive form on the website, the Researcher Navigator, to guide inexperienced researchers in particular in how to design and begin their research projects.

We put our scientific English language checking services and statistical services out to tender for the benefit of HUS researchers.  

Advances in the providing and use of online research services

We developed online services directly available to researchers and supportive of HUS research activities. We organized user training for the BC|RQUEST tool with which researchers can themselves generate genome material for their research from the HUS data lake, and together with IT Management we set up a secure user environment for processing research data. 

For building and maintaining study questionnaires and databases, we introduced RedCAP software alongside the eCRF management system. We improved the use of PowerBI software in generating indicators for research and education.

Nationwide responsibility for research nurse training

We were responsible for delivering a new kind of nationwide training for research nurses. All of Finland’s university hospitals are involved in this training. The training model, where learners can complete the course in an online environment at their own pace, has attracted great interest in the other Nordic countries. In 2021, 30 candidates completed the research nurse training, 10 of them from HUS. 

Further information about the launch of the nationwide research nurse training. (available only in Finnish)